Dan Lucas – Discography (1992-1996) 320 kbps

1992 – Canada
Dan Lucas - Discography (1992-1996)

Genre: Rock
Country: Germany
Quality: MP3 CBR 320 kbps


01. Someones Girl
02. Wild Wild Wild
03. Canadian Dream
04. Hold On Me
05. Over The Edge
06. Hide In The Night
07. The Fire
08. Into The Night
09. Im Sailing
10. Coming Home
11. The Movie
a) Jenny’s Theme
b) If You Need Me Tonite
c) The River
d) Talk To Me
e) If You Need Me Tonite (Reprise)
12. Hot Stuff
13. Canadian Dream (Reprise)
14. Heart Of America

Dan Lucas – Lead and Backing Vocals
Robert Papst – Keyboards, Hammond Organ, Guitars, Synthesizers
Les Chak – Guitars
Ed Straker – Bass
Leo Johnson – Drums
Jim Foster – Guitars on “Someone’s Girl”
Tony Lakatos – Sax-Solo on “Coming Home”
Angie Layne, Rocko Bourgois, Jim Foster, Jцrg Sieber, Andy Slavik – Backing Vocals


1994 – 2000!
1994 - 2000!


01. It’s Only Money
02. By The Riverside
03. Where Would I Be
04. I Want To Be Wanted
05. Close Your Eyes And Say Goodbye
06. Waiting
07. Can’t Hold Back
08. I’m Not Looking For An Angel
09. Aim For The Heart
10. Immaculate Eyes
11. What Does It Take
12. Stranger
13. The Bridge
14. If You Need Me Tonite

Dan Lucas – Lead and Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitar on “Can’t Hold Back”
Greg Critchley – Drums
John Pierce – Bass
Kane Roberts – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Greg Wells – Keyboard
Lenny Castro – Percussion
Robin Beck – Lead and Backing Vocals
Michael Thompson, Michael Landau – Guitars
Reb Beach – Solo Guitars on “I’m Not Looking for an Angel” and “I Want to Be Wanted”
Louis Merlino, Ron Dante, Lisa Dalbello – Backing Vocals


1996 – News

1996 - News


01. Heart Of America ’96
02. Love Is The Answer
03. Please Don’t Ever Try To Change Me
04. In The Rain
05. Desperado (Cover of “Eagles”)
06. One-Woman Man
07. Music Is The Enemy Of War
08. No One Loves You More Than I
09. Believe In Magic
10. Face Another Day
11. You’re My Life
12. Be Mine Tonight
13. Tonight
14. Heart Of America

Dan Lucas – Lead and Backing Vocals, Guitars on “Desperado”
Andy Schulte – Keyboards, Drums and Rhythm Programming
Wolfram Seifert – Guitars
Martin Motnik – Bass

Jonathan Lloyd Hughes – Blues Harp on “Be Mine Tonight”
Frank Heinz, Ralf Reichert, Hans Martin Eberhardt (Donnerhцrner) – Horns on “One-Woman Man”
Alan Graham – Flute on “Music is the Enemy of War”
Chantal, Georg Liszt, Elke Diepenbeck, Andy Schulte – Backing Vocals


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