Descendants Of Cain – Conversations With Mirrors (2017) 320 kbps

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  1. Glen Danzig says:

    GREAT BAND!!!!

    Do you have any of these MISFITS/DANZIG side projects by Steve Sing:

    Son of Sam
    Songs from the Earth (2001)
    Into the Night (2008)
    Doomtree (now Marra’s Drug)
    Down Below (2005)
    White Christmas internet single (November 10, 2005)
    Icons Of The Underground: Vol. 1 – Glenn Danzig (2006)
    Xmas Medley track (2006)
    Santa Claus Go Straight To The Ghetto track (2006)
    The Undead
    Never Say Die (1985)
    Never Say Die (1986)
    Act Your Rage (1989)
    Dawn of the Undead (1991)
    Mourning Noise
    Dawn of the Dead EP (1983)
    Runaway (1986) (Steve Zing solo, recorded with Mourning Noise members) (Single)
    Death Trip Delivery: 1981 – 1985 (1998)
    Christmas time in Jersey/Blue Xmas (Recorded as “We 3 Steves” with his brother and nephew) (2014)

    Also, do you have the PRONG discography?

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