Evanescence – Lost Whispers (2016) M4A

Evanescence - Lost Whispers (2016) M4A

Artist: Evanescence
Album: Lost Whispers
Year: 2016
Genre: Alternative Metal / Acoustic / Piano (Female Vocal)
Country: USA
Quality: M4A ∼ 261 kbps 


01. Lost Whispers (Intro)
02. Even In Death (2016 Version)
03. Missing
04. Farther Away
05. Breathe No More
06. If You Don’t Mind
07. Together Again
08. The Last Song I’m Wasting On You
09. A New Way To Bleed
10. Say You Will
11. Disappear
12. Secret Door

Additional Info: Album containing all the B-Sides and deluxe tracks of the band, the 2016 Version of “Even In Death” and the unreleased intro, “Lost Whispers”.


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