Ghost – Ceremony And Devotion [Live] (2017) 320 kbps

Ghost - Ceremony And Devotion [Live] (2017) 320 kbps

Genre: Heavy Metal / Occult
Country: Sweden
Quality: MP3 CBR 320 kbps


01. Square Hammer
02. From The Pinnacle To The Pit
03. Con Clavi Con Dio
04. Per Aspera Ad Inferi
05. Body And Blood
06. Devil Church
07. Cirice
08. Ghuleh Zombie Queen
09. Year Zero
10. Spoksonat
11. He Is
12. Mummy Dust
13. Absolution
14. Ritual
15. Monstrance Clock


11 Responses

  1. Joey P says:

    What’s the source on this? The cd isn’t out until January!

  2. Twipz says:

    The Mirrorcreator is not working. Every time one of the link is clicked, the current MC page redirects to another website and opens the same MC page on another tab. Please sort it out.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Muchas gracias /,,/

  4. Immortal Soul says:

    a shit of music! they always were!

  5. NyankoSensei says:

    Please, keep mirrorcreator. Google Drive is the one source that is not blocked here in my job (place where I usually make downloads…). Why don’t the opera users download a Google Chrome just for mirror creator? I’m blocked for mirror creator here and I have to send the code to my phone to access via 4g and then give it back to PC and download it. Why don’t they just access the link via GC and disturb others? :'(

    Also.. This album is great! Thanks.

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