Greta Van Fleet – From the Fires (2017) 320 kbps

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  1. -= Sisters of Mercy =- says:

    these guys might just be the next Led Zeppelin!!!

    Michigan upstarts GRETA VAN FLEET are releasing today “From The Fires”, their first full length album featuring tracks recorded few months ago plus the songs from their 4-track debut EP, which includes their breakthrough radio hit ‘Highway Tune’. That song topped Billboard’s Mainstream Rock and Active Rock chart earlier this year.
    This young quartet rocks like few, and the Classic Rock / Hard runs through their veins like if they were born several decades ago.

    Greta Van Fleet formed in 2012 and were quick to rouse world wide interest following the release of their debut EP, offering a thundering exhibition of raw, blues-based hard rock. When ‘Highway Tune’ was issued as a single — the band’s first — this year, Billboard reported that “Greta Van Fleet is the first act to top Mainstream Rock Songs in a first visit this year” and that ‘Highway Tune’ was fastest that a band’s first entry onto the chart climbed to No. 1 without the star power of a noteworthy featured guest.

    A band Rolling Stone named as one of the “10 New Artists You Need to Know” and recently being named best New Artist at 2017’s Loudwire Music Awards, Greta Van Fleet are on the rise.
    Greta Van Fleet have turned their rich and varied musical background into something special. They have created a sound reaching far beyond the ages of the four band members. Growing up around music, they turned that inspiration into Greta Van Fleet.

    Led Zeppelin seems to be the first thing that comes to mind, especially ‘Highway Tune’, a track which appeared on their first EP, yet returns for more with “From The Fires”. Here, the band’s vocalist Josh Kiszka carries out a seemingly endless note which will give Robert Plant fans chills. Additionally, the main groove of this song is infectious over a killer guitar riff.

    Starting off the album strongly, ‘Safari Song’, captures the essence of their signature sound. It contains a big chorus, hard-driving guitars and punchy drums, as well as over the top vocals.
    Thereafter, ‘Edge of Darkness’ has a little more modern feel, all while keeping the same heart and soul. Guitarist Jake Kiszka (singer’s brother) gets to spread his wings a bit with an extended guitar solo that concludes the track.

    ‘Flower Power’ follows with a more melodic approach adding acoustics and keyboards to the mix, and then we get ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’, which is a Sam Cooke cover and shows Greta Van Fleet in a bluesy, soulful ballad mode.
    ‘Meet On The Ledge’ is another cover, a Richard Thompson / Fairport Convention song. The Greta Van Fleet version really soars in the chorus complimented by the backing vocals.

    ‘Talk On The Street’ moves with a hard rock funky rhythm, an upbeat track full of swagger that could potentially be a good candidate for a single. Classic, great stuff.
    For the end ‘Black Smoke Rising’ adds that lovely stadium feel in a track with meaty instrumentation, great vocals and a catchy chorus.

    “From The Fires” is truly an album for Classic Rock / Hard fans young and old. Let’s face it, many Rock n’ Roll heroes are retiring, or even more sadly, passing on. Even more amplifying why Rock music needs new young bands like Greta Van Fleet to keep the fire alive.
    What better way to Rock’s sacred history by creating something new, yet reminiscent of the roots.
    A skill Greta Van Fleet seems to do very well, they have found a way to create their own sound all while staying true to their mission of “reinterpreting the reinterpretation of Classic Rock.”

    For all the “rock is dead” people out there Greta Van Fleet is certainly proving that theory wrong and could potentially open the door to get more rock bands into the mainstream. Rock n’ roll doesn’t need saving, but it does need exposure and Greta Van Fleet is certainly bringing it to a new generation.
    And they sure don’t seem too eager to pass off anytime soon. “From The Fires” is another step towards rock super stardom from one of the breakout bands of 2017.

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