Khora – Timaeus (2020) 320 kbps

Khora - Timaeus (2020)

Genre: Progressive Black Metal
Country: Ireland / Norway / Greece
Quality: MP3 CBR 320 kbps


01. Aether
02. Noceo
03. l’Annihilateur
04. Harvesting Stars
05. De Vetus Ad Novum
06. Roe Too Noo (Flow Of The Mind)
07. Sempiternal
08. Existence
09. The Purge
10. The Occultation of Time
11. Void

Line Up:
Oleg I. – Guitars, Drums, Keyboards, Vocals (backing), Songwriting, Lyrics (ex-Liminal, ex-Autokrator, ex-Dagor Dagorath, ex-Deathstruck, ex-Lycanthropy, ex-Mirrors of Obsidian, ex-Númenor, ex-Terrawave, ex-The Konstellation, ex-Niburta (live), ex-Cryptic Forest, ex-Deadeyehunt, ex-Goat Stalker)
Kranos – Vocals, Keyboards, Samples, Lyrics (Arkhangelsk, Savaoth, Word of Life, ex-Raw in Sect)
L.E. Måløy – Bass (Dødheimsgard, INI)
Wayne – Orchestrations, Effects (Wilderun)
Dan – Orchestrations, Effects (Wilderun)
Kjetil – Keyboards, Orchestrations (Haimad, Profane Burial, Hogstul)

Henri Sorvali (FINNTROLL)
A. Simonen (AND OCEANS)



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