The Last Resistance – Heavy Rain (2017) 320 kbps

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  1. D Neil says:

    Something of an older rock collection with an ounce of rhythm. Good debut songs and I especially like the Heavy Rain (song for the homeless title track). Bit raw overall but that’s what we like isn’t it? Good stuff guys, will recommend

  2. If you like decent rock riffs and steady rhythm, then take a listen. Some decent songs on this first album from a band based in the UK.

  3. There are two or three songs amongst the lot that really are good! Waiting, One more day and Heavy rain in particular (song for the homeless), must be global conscience pricker. Play it loud though, not as heavy on mobile devices. I have a Yamaha sound system, turned up to 700 watts and it rings the ears really sweetly!!

  4. Cannot believe I have waited until now to download an album by a band I have never heard of…I have listened to it for a few times and cannot get that Heavy Rain (title track) out of my head. It is an absolute gem waiting to be heard across the world. Other songs I am taken with is Waiting and Love Bullet (classic take on AC/DC kind of stuff, luv it. Who are they and where are they from?

  5. Just heard the best rock song in ages. One More Day must be released? I also trip on Love Bullet, freakin fab and cannot stop playing it loud!! Good effort from an unknown band. Download it and support them I say

  6. Kaiser 55 says:

    Love Bullet…classic rock and roll. Other tracks on the album are decent and agree with others about the song for the homeless, get it released it is awesome

  7. Kurt Fenz says:

    I am liking the album who are these guys?

  8. JJ Becall says:

    Are the band touring at all? This is a decent self prepped set of songs from unknowns. I am liking the heavy rain song for the homeless. Good effort , still playing it after two days!!

  9. Paul Jones says:

    Heavy rain song for the homeless is liking to gravel voice and country rock, it is awesome and well worth a downloading.

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