Last Train – Weathering (2017) VBR V0 (Scene CD-Rip)

Last Train - Weathering (2017)

Artist: Last Train
Album: Weathering
Year: 2017
Genre: Garage Rock / Hard Rock / Blues Rock
Country: France
Quality: MP3 VBR V0 (Scene CD-Rip) 


01. Ped By The Doves
02. Never Seen The Light
03. Jane
04. Between Wounds
05. Golden Songs
06. Fire
07. Way Out
08. House On The Moon
09. Sunday Morning Son
10. Time
11. Cold Fever
12. Weathering


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  1. Hey Friend i was on this site about a week ago and was checking out this band called “Jetbone” and they sounded great, but now i did a search here and it’s nowhere to be found, did you delete it / remove it for some reason? if you have it still do you think you could repost it? i would be forever in debt to you friend. Thank you. This is one of the best music sites out here, thanks again.

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