Them – Manor of the Se7en Gables (2018) 320 kbps

Them - Manor of the Se7en Gables (2018) 320 kbps

Genre: Dark/Heavy Metal
Country: United States / Germany
Quality: MP3 CBR 320 kbps


01. Residuum
02. Circuitous
03. Refuge in the Manor
04. Witchfinder
05. A Scullery Maid
06. Ravna
07. As the Sage Burns
08. The Secret Stairs
09. Peine forte et dure
10. Maleficium
11. Seven Gables to Ash
12. Punishment by Fire

Line Up:
Alexander Palma – Bass (A Cosmic Trail, Septagon, ex-Luna Field, Dysembrioma, ex-Disinfect, ex-Lanfear, ex-Majesty, ex-My Darkest Hate, ex-Belphegor)
Angel Cotte – Drums (Demolition Hammer, Driven Mad, Eyes like Cyanide, ex-Fetal Syndrome, ex-Immortal Flesh, ex-Alekhine’s Gun, ex-Eyes of the Sun, ex-Dehumanized, ex-Internal Bleeding, ex-Exit to Eternity, ex-Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky)
Richie Seibel – Keyboards (A Cosmic Trail, Ivanhoe, Lanfear, ex-Charisma, ex-Ivorie)
Troy Norr – Vocals (Coldsteel)
Markus Ullrich – Guitars (A Cosmic Trail, Lanfear, Septagon)
Markus Johansson – Guitars (4Arm, Sylencer, Knapp / Johansson, Repentance, ex-Malaki)
Justin Zych – Guitars (Valhalla, Viking, Zephaniah, Death on Fire, ex-Under the Wake, Munroe’s Thunder, ex-Vindicator, ex-VadimVon)
All bass written and performed by THEM’s 7th member: Mike Lepond (Affector, Burnt City, Elegacy, Eternity’s End, Eynomia, Fatal Array, Heathen’s Rage, Holy Force, Rivera/Bomma, Ross the Boss, Stygia, Symphony X, Two Hundred Feet, Ureas, Waken Eyes, Distant Thunder, ex-Brute Force, Ango Tasso’s Air Force, Dead on Arrival, Last Union, Mike Bino Project, ex-Ashenveil, ex-MindMaze, ex-Painmuseum, ex-Seven Witches, ex-Sleepy Hollow, ex-Helstar, ex-Operatika Element, ex-Malakis Reign, ex-Rattlebone)
Backing Vocals: Paul Sabu (Malice, Quiet Riot, Secret Society)


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