Metallica – Master Of Puppets (1986) [Deluxe Box Set, 10 CD, Remastered] (2017) 320 kbps

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  1. Immortal Soul says:

    10 cds? a total madness! just to make money! I do not think to go down, let alone buy,! death to metallica!!!

  2. Fuad Abdulkadir says:

    oh my God.. 8 Disks! thank you

  3. god bless free downloading…buying 10 cd boxet is stupid .

  4. reverofmedi says:

    The quality of remastered songs it’s worse than the original master of the songs…i have compared the two versions with the suitable technology…that’s a trick..

  5. Dude without money says:

    All Hail to the people at!

  6. -= Sisters of Mercy =- says:

    lol … nothing more authentic than METALLICA “Fans” complaining about Metallica!!!

    If you down’t like it, don’t buy it.

    This is about the sweetest thing in 30 years, because this is what real METALLICA fans love about Metallica: not the remaster, but the alternative versions and raw demos of one of the greatest bands of all time!!!

    thank you sooooo much!

    • Immortal Soul says:

      not of all times, only until the black album, after that it is pure garbage until today!!!

      • -= Sisters of Mercy =- says:

        The production on the BLACK album was the best! But Master Of Puppets and Ride The lightning are still my favorite!

        Can you PLEASE also upload the 106-page booklet? JPG only, PNG not necessary


        • Immortal Soul says:

          the black album is fantastic, but the best cd is … and justice for all!!!!

          • -= Sisters of Mercy =- says:

            yeah, I have to agree that each of the first 5 albums are masterpieces in their own right! I wish they would go back to that song structure with acoustic intros, etc.

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