Nanowar – True Metal Of The World (Demo) [Japanese Edition] (2003) 128-160 kbps

Nanowar - True Metal Of The World (Demo) [Japanese Edition] (2003)

Artist: Nanowar
Album: True Metal Of The World (Demo) [Japanese Edition]
Year: 2003
Genre: Heavy Metal / Power Metal / Parody Metal
Country: Italy
Quality: MP3 CBR 128-160 kbps 


01. Intro: Nanowar, The True Metal (0:18)
02. True Metal Of Steel (1:39)
03. Too True Metal To Be True (3:10)
04. The True Forest Of The Only True Metal And The Other Heavy Minerals (1:51)
05. You Think It Is My Chastity Belt But They Are My (True) Metal Underpants (1:53)
06. Magic Warriors Of True Metal (So Magic That We Laugh At Houdini) (2:22)
07. Our Metal Is So Strong ‘Cos Our Dick Is So Long (2:12)
08. Happy Birthday True Metal (Instrumental) (1:14)
09. Metal Fart (3:47)
10. Our True Metal Will Win (2:30)
11. Lung Of Steel (The Ballad Of True Metal) (5:14)
12. Emerald Fork (Rhapsody Cover) (Bonus Track) (4:22)
13. Master Of Pizza (Metallica Cover) (Bonus Track) (5:45)
14. Vai Gatto Panceri, Corri Per Raggiungere I Tuoi Pensieri (Bonus Bonus Track) (3:25)


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