Possessed – Revelations of Oblivion (2019) 320 kbps

Possessed - Revelations of Oblivion (2019) 320 kbps

Genre: Death, Thrash Metal
Country: USA
Quality: MP3 CBR 320 kbps


01. Chant of Oblivion
02. No More Room in Hell
03. Dominion
04. Damned
05. Demon
06. Abandoned
07. Shadowcult
08. Omen
09. Ritual
10. The Word
11. Graven
12. Temple of Samael

Line Up:
Jeff Becerra – Vocals (ex-Side Effect, ex-Blizzard, ex-Misery, ex-Sub-Zero)
Emilio Marquez – Drums (Asesino, Coffin Texts, Engrave, ex-Brainstorm, ex-Sadistic Intent, ex-Nokturnal Fear)
Daniel Gonzalez – Guitars (Create a Kill, Gruesome, ex-Nailshitter, ex-Occisas, ex-Exhumed (live), ex-Maruta (live), ex-Master (live))
Robert Cardenas – Bass, Vocals (backing) (Coffin Texts, Masters of Metal, Engrave, ex-Entety, ex-Malice, ex-Agent Steel, ex-Saprophagous, ex-Diabolic (live))
Claudeous Creamer – Guitars (From Hell, Mucus Membrane, ex-Girth, ex-Serpent & Seraph, ex-Dragonlord, ex-Niviane, ex-The Council)


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