Rob Lundgren – Covers the World, Vol. 3 (2017) 320 kbps

Rob Lundgren - Covers the World, Vol. 3 (2017) 320 kbps

Artist: Rob Lundgren
Album: Covers the World, Vol. 3
Year: 2017
Genre: Heavy Metal / Power Metal / Progressive Metal
Country: Sweden
Quality: MP3 CBR 320 kbps (Web-Rip)


01. Atlas, Rise!
02. Pegasus Fantasy (Japanese) (feat. Dani Rios, Raul Graci, Javi Ansу & Juanjo Martinez)
03. Forever (feat. David Olivares)
04. Caça e Caçador (Portuguese) (feat. Fuhito Nakamura)
05. More Than Words (feat. Andre van Berlo)
06. The Hero / One-Punch Man (Japanese) (feat. Nirre)
07. Speed of Light (feat. Happy Metal)
08. Black Night
09. Silent Revelation (feat. Vitaliy Antonuk)
10. Soldier Dream (Japanese) (feat. David Olivares)
11. Is This Love (feat. Elias Andrada)
12. The Number of the Beast (feat. Michele Petrone)
13. Eagle Fly Free (feat. Germano Rocha)
14. Charon (feat. Marty Midgard & Vitaliy Antonuk)
15. Cho-Zets Dynamic! (Japanese) (feat. David Olivares)


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