ToxicxEternity – VG Metal Covers, Vol. 9 (2017) 320 kbps

ToxicxEternity - VG Metal Covers, Vol. 9 (2017) 320 kbps

Artist: ToxicxEternity
Album: VG Metal Covers, Vol. 9
Year: 2017
Genre: Progressive Metal / Instrumental
Country: USA
Quality: MP3 CBR 320 kbps 


01. Boss Battle Theme (From “Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals”) [Metal Cover]
02. Bowser’s Theme (From “Super Mario 64”) [Metal Cover]
03. City Theme (From “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”) [Metal Cover]
04. Runway (From “Goldeneye 007”) [Metal Cover]
05. Aquanet (From “Bomberman 64: The Second Attack”) [Metal Cover]
06. Green Forest (From “Sonic Adventure 2 Battle”) [Metal Cover]
07. Mechanical Rhythm (From “Xenoblade Chronicles”) [Metal Cover]
08. Terran Theme 1 (From “StarCraft”) [Metal Cover]
09. Strike the Earth (From “Shovel Knight”) [Metal Cover]
10. Gruntilda’s Lair (From “Banjo Kazooie”) [Metal Cover]
11. Spider Dance (From “Undertale”) [Metal Cover]
12. Lord of the Castle (From “Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories”) [Metal Cover]
13. Still More Fighting (From “Final Fantasy VII”) [Metal Cover]
14. This is Halloween (From “Nightmare Before Christmas”)


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