Ulver – All Studio Albums (1993-2017) 320 kbps [Re-uploaded]

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  1. xxxxxx says:

    all file broken

  2. metalhead says:

    yes, most files are broken unfortunatly. No album is complete available, most songs/files broken…

    • blackmetal says:

      Could you all please describe your problem in more details and aslo with screenshots? Because I can unzip all archives so I don’t think if I re-upload them the problem with files will be solved. I can suggest you to do three things:
      1. Re-name the archives. For example, 2013 – Messe I.X-VI.X > Messe or just 1, A, ABC and so on.
      2. Extract the files to another folder. And the path to the folder must be very short! For example, C:\Users\User\Documents or C:\Users\User\Downloads and so on. The problem is that if a path is long then files with long names won’t be extracted.
      3. Update your file archiver or install another file archiver. For example, I use WinRAR and it works fine. Proof:
      And also there are two different ways to extract files (for WinRAR).
      First way. Press “extract to” and choose a folder:
      first way
      Second way. Press SFX, then press OK:
      second way
      and wait until the next file will be created:
      second way third step
      2 times click on the new file, choose a folder (browse), and then press “install”

  3. Tom says:

    Thank you, Admin, fantastic work!!

  4. blackmetal says:

    I am very sorry, I was wrong. I found out that the files had been damaged while I was uploading them. Only the box set and 2017 are OK. Probably it’s the bug of Mirrorcreator.com or the bug of my internet provider, I don’t know. All archives are not damaged on my hard disk, but when I download them from Zippy or Openload and so on there is a CRC error.
    I’ll re-upload all broken files as fast as possible.

  5. blackmetal says:

    I re-uploaded all broken archives.

  6. xxxxxx says:

    Thank you, blackmetal

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