Wehrmacht – Biermächt (1989) [Remastered, 2010] 320 kbps + Scans

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  1. blackmetal says:

    I also found Shark Attack [F.O.A.D. Rec., F.O.A.D. 014, Italy], but it looks like a transcode, so I didn’t post it. Nonetheless I uploaded Shark Attack too, it’s here: http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/12103XBZ/WehrmachtShark87.10.rar_links

  2. -= Sisters of Mercy =- says:

    Oh man, I paid $45 back in the day for the import after already paying too much for the two original vinyls but they were so far ahead of the time!!! Very TECHNICAL Hardcore with the best drummer around!!! I think they fell victim to their name … In retrospect they should have just changed their name to Beermacht!!!

    Thank you for the Mirror of SHARK ATTACK too … If you dont mind, please also post the FOAD despite being transcode … beggars can’t be choosers!


  3. -= Sisters of Mercy =- says:

    so damn good! This is a real masterpiece along with “Attitude Adjustment – American Paranoia”

    thank you again!!!

  4. -= Sisters of Mercy =- says:

    one day in the not so distant future maybe you can also upload the SEPTIC DEATH discography:


    and Attitude Adjustment:


  5. -= Sisters of Mercy =- says:

    Do you already have the new 30 SECONDS TO MARS single WALK ON WATER:


  6. -= Sisters of Mercy =- says:

    do you also have the new album by Spaztic Blurr: http://www.ashmusic.bigcartel.com/product/spazztic-blurr-hello-dum-dums-2xlp

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